About us


Kamratowo is a resort that originated from a fortunate coincidence. At the beginning there was Kamratowka, which is now an agro-tourist guest house and is located beside Kamratowo. Both Kamratówka and Kamratowo share all outside facilities and dining room. At the beggining Kamratówka was planned to be a small holiday home for our family, our life story however has transformed it into a different plan.

Because the Szymczaks family comes from Rybnik (a town around 90mins drive from Wisla), practically every spare time had been spend in search of an appropriate land. It must have been easily accessible, with water, electricity, gas connection and preferably access to river or a small creek.

Those demands were quite a challenge! After a few years of searching, a perfect land was found...and the design of the house and garden had started. The small house had turned into a massive log mansion, planned to match the beautiful natural landscapes of the surrounding mountains.

The neighbors much earlier than the Szymczaks, had foreseen the future hotel "business", which started in 2007. Since then the guests have been admiring comfortable and polished to perfection interiors and of course tasteful and home-made food!

...but this is only the beginning!

The name "Kamratowo" for several years had been present in Leszek Szymczak's thoughts - formally joint owner of the resort. Ever since the student times the term "kamrat" has been used to describe a good friend or a companion.

"This way we also see our guests,
because it is not only a question of renting rooms
but creating the 'feel at home' atmosphere
by friendly and open people."

Once Kamratowka and the adjacent garden space had been finished, it turned out that the neighboring land had been put up for sale. The land seemed perfect to create greater comfort for the Kamratowka guests, however... the price at that time truly out of reach!

"We could not let a petrol station or God forbid a supermarket to be built right next to our guesthouse!", that is why the action must have been taken up promptly. With help had come Sekwens company, which has been owned and run by Leszek Szymczak from the very beginning - and so everything stayed related to the family.

After a careful layout of the land and the choice of the appropriate materials, in 2006 the construction works had officially started. Similarly to Kamratowka, every single detail had to be precisely designed and realized, because in Kamratowo everything is in the right place!

Alike any other house project, the interior designs and fittings of the equipment, require a lot of time, energy and of course funds. The choice of specially designed wooden furniture, lamps that would match all the other designs, and finally careful preparation of the kitchenettes - all of this to create comfort for the future guests!

Now the only question had remained: "Who is going to run and manage Kamratowo?". At the same time, in the south-west of Ireland, for three years Joanna Szymczak (daughter of Leszek and Alina Szymczak) had lived, worked and practiced her hotelier's knowledge. The time had come to return to the motherland, and that time had occurred to be truly perfect for both sides. Since then it had become clear that Kamratowo Apartments would be managed by Joanna...and again everything stays connected to the family!


By the end of 2007, Kamratowo had been officially opened, and the first guests came to stay right before the New Years Eve of 2008...however the ideas have not finished. Up to this moment, the barbecue area, conference room and the playground for children had been opened and the next plans are already waiting to be put into practice!


Sekwens company is a producer of high quality seasoning mixtures for meat industry. Combining holidays in cozy and comfortable interiors and the opportunity to test those seasonings and flavors,
we hand over to you one of a kind holiday resort, in which everything is connected with... a good taste!

...because atmosphere is created by people