Beautiful location with easy access

The ideal location of Kamratowo Apartments is also determined by the location of the town Wisla itself. Often referred to as "the pearl", it is a popular tourist destination, in which it is hard to get bored!

Kamratowo is surrounded by the Beskid mountains, which you can admire while staying with us. It also located in the valley, which ensures our guests of a convenient access to the resort. 

Especially in winter guests ask whether they would need to put special tyre chains to get to us, and we gladly reply that we have never had such a winter, during which we would have been forced to do so. 

Thanks to its valley location, every walk to the town centre (2 km - 20mins walk), a shop or a restaurant does not have to mean mountain-climbing. 

The nearby ski-lift, ski-rent (important in winter) and a bicycle-path, which has its beginning right beside Kamratowo and leads to the town centre and further down to Ustron, are great advantages of Kamratowo location as well.

The unusual attraction and a benefit during the hot summer days is a private access to river Wisla.

Few meters pass Kamratowo, there are two grocery stores, a greengrocer's and a butcher's shop, and for those more party-like, the nearby Hotel Polonia organizes discos during weekends.

There is also a tennis court and a soccer field situated close to Kamratowo Apartments.

Kamratowo is also an ideal place as a start to different hiking routs such as for example: The White Wisla Valley or Gosciejow Valley.


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