Good food in homely atmosphere...

In the guest house Kamratowka, good food is given special attention. Tasteful and freshly prepared dishes attract guests eager to try real home made flavours. Now also those staying at Kamratowo Apartments, have such opportunity. After all it is not only about great food but also the comfort to dine on the spot.

While dining in Kamratowka, you will not waste your time. Due to the previous reservations, you sit down at an already set table and hot, mouthwatering food appears in front of you within five minutes.

For Kamratowo Apartments guests, dining is optional. Therefore you can eat both breakfast and lunch everyday, book only chosen days or meals or take room only without any meals.

Desipte having all the above options to choose from, we sincerely reccommend trying our specialities, which freshly prepared from A to Z, not only whet the apetite, but are also healthy. In Kamratowka even the poor eaters dispatch tasty soups and pork chops, and vegetarians convince themselves to try the unique home made caraway sausage.

Breakfast is served between 8 and 10 am, and lunch between 2 and 4 pm. Due to the limited number of tables, you must book the meals in adavance. There is a possibility to leave the booking until your arrival, however then the meals are not guaranteed.


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