The Emerald Lake "Ton" - Goleszów


"Ton" Lake in Goleszów is famous for its emerald water because of its color. The name comes from the German word "Tonerde" meaning clay, once used for the production of cement. The lake with an area of ​​2 ha is an extremely picturesque place for a walk, because the whole lake can be walked around. On the banks we will see anglers looking for fish, because the lake is currently being looked after by the fishing company.

His story, however, was not always as calm as the silence that surrounds it today. During the Nazi occupation it was the area of ​​a quarry where prisoners worked, and a narrow-gauge railway commuted through the current tunnel. That is why the lake is very deep. It is definitely a magical place with an aura of mystery above it.

30 minutes from Kamratów towards Cieszyn
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