To paint with a needle...

Nowadays everyone knows, how much of a value hand-made items have. Everywhere you look, you can buy factory made things to decorate your house. However do those items, even though cheaper, and therefore rooms, decorated with them, create the real atmosphere and spirit of a cozy interior?

Comfort and luxury is offered to us by many hotels, and at the same time we look for something unique and memorable. Something that will make us feel at home, even for those couple of days on holidays.

Those things in Kamratowo are certainly hand-made embroideries, at which our dear Grandmother Helena had spent thousands of hours, and which she describes as her little hobby.

Our Grandmother, despite her age (born in 1924), is still working on the beautiful gallery of hand-made pictures. You can admire the unusual work of art in every room of Kamratowo and Kamratowka: inside the apartments, corridors,  the conference room and the canteen.

Our guests are jealous of Grandma's sense of humor and vitality and we admire her patience and precision, with which she creates her own unique pieces of art.


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