Our speciality is good food, home made & prepared from A to Z, in the neighboring Kamratówka Agritourism.

The author, originator and producer of cold cuts is Leszek Szymczak, and other delicacies - Alina Szymczak and Mrs. Zosia, who has been with us since the beginning of the Kamratowo and Kamratówka.

We make sausages, smoke cold meats and cheese, pickle cucumbers, make jams and traditional lard spreads.

All products can be ordered the day before - they are prepared to take away, at an agreed time.

Gourmet plater of traditional meats
Four kinds of homemade meats including the certified Kminkula sausage – first class smoked pork sausage seasoned with cumin

Smoked cheese
Cow’s milk cheese sprinkled with a gourmet selection of herbs and spices, smoked in low temperature

Traditional local lard spread
Certified lard made according to our recipe with a good amount of meat and spices

Spicy pickled cucumbers
Think slices of polish cucumbers dipped in a spicy marinate seasoned with fresh garlic – perfect for cold meats

Traditional doughnuts
Homemade doughnuts filled with plum jam, deep fried on a fresh lard – winners of an annual local competition for the best plum doughnuts

Blueberries Kamrat style
Homemade jam with whole blueberry fruits

Sweet bread buns with marmalade

Crepes with sweet polish cottage cheese

Mini pizzas
Approximately 12 cm round mini yeast dough pizzas with mushrooms, sausage, onion and cheese

Hot-dogs Kamrat style
Sausages in home made yeast dough lightly sprinkled with cumin

'Kebabczetki' sausages
Steamed pork sausages seasoned with a mixture of herbs
Perfect for a barbecue or fried on a pan.