For curious gourments...

The formal owner of Kamratowo Apartments is "Sekwens" - a company that is directly connected with meat industry. Sekwens is a Polish producer of functional and seasoning mixtures for all sorts of meats around Poland and the head of the company, Leszek Szymczak, is a many years' expert and a hobbyist in this field.

That is why also in Kamratowo, the connection with meat industry could not be missed. Around the property we gathered several old butchers' machines from all around Poland. Discovering and collecting those unusual exhibits, had taken about three years!

Some of the machines were truly hard to get or rather "get out" from the basements, where they had been covered half-way up with concrete. Most of them weigh over 800 kilograms, that is why also the transport was not an easy task.

After that, for about a year, the old machines had been renovated and brought back to their former look. Once ready, they were placed around the semi-circle inside the Kamratowo car park. Since then, they have been attracting visitors and guests, who admire their beauty and the original red color.  


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