Offer "For families with children" - rules & regulations

A. Promotion period

1. Apartments Nr 3 - 8 and Apartment Nr 2 - all year round
                (except for the Easter and New Year's period)

2. Rooms Nr 1 and Nr 9 - only the off-season period

The exact dates of individual periods are included in the price lists on the website

B. Eligible to use the promotion

The promotion applies to the renting of apartments no. 3 - 8, apartment no. 2
and rooms No. 1 or No. 9 at certain dates during the year, provided that a family with children stays in it. "Family with children" is understood as at least one parent
along with at least one of your children under the age of 18.

C. The scope of the promotion

Promotional prices on offer for families with children are included in the relevant price lists
available at

1. The discount applies only to accommodation without other charges, for example for renting a banquet hall.
2. Discounts granted in the "Kamratowo Settlement" can not be combined - accumulated.
If other promotions are also valid during the stay, the Guest may choose a discount,
which he wants to use.
3. The discount also does not apply to organized events
ie, for example occasional parties, training, integration events, etc.

D. Other information

1. Guest (Guests) deciding to use the rebate and purchase the stay, at the same time agree to comply with the regulations in force in the "Kamratowo settlement".
2. The written residence regulations can be found in every room and apartment.
It is also available at the "Osada Kamratowo" reception and at
3. The Guest (Guests) when purchasing accommodation is also obliged to pay a local fee to the city, which are not subject to rebates.
4. The promotion covered by these regulations may be canceled or changed at any time by the organizer without giving reasons, provided that this information (reference or new text of the regulations) is posted on the website
5. The terms and conditions of the promotion are valid from 01/01/2019.

 Organizer (owner) of the promotion: Sekwens Sp. z o.o. 47 - 400 Racibórz, ul. Mariańska 11
               Place of promotion: "Osada Kamratowo" 43 - 460 Wisła street Jasna 2c, 2d