For ice cream and a cup of coffee...

cukiernie i kawiarnie
...cakes, cookies, ice cream, flavoured coffee, fruit tea...yummie!

Cafe "U Janeczki" - Wisla

It's a place, in which 30 years old traditional recipes, originate from the first Vienna coffee shops. Its famous ice cream and desserts are prepared from the natural ingredients, and therefore the taste cannot be beaten by the ones from any supermarket. The most popular dessert, pays tribute to the name of a world recognised polish ski jumper - Adam Malysz, who also comes from Wisla. The temptation of freshly roasted almonds, caramel topping and snow white whipped cream, is truly hard to resist!
tel.+48 338553279 see on the map 

Cafe "Delicje" - Ustron

It represents the true art and skill. A birthday cake in the shape of a soccer ball or a favourite cartoon character? No problem! "Delicje" cafe caters for any request. Its tradition goes back to 1981, and the taste of delicious ice cream, desserts and cakes will stay in your memory forever.
tel.+48 33 8542819
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Crepes shop "Delicje" - Ustron

The pancake shop in Ustron is not only sweets! Crepes with fruit, chocolate and whipped cream, is only a small part of the wide and varied menu. The chef's speciality is beer and herbs based crepes, stuffed with a choice of ingredients from all around the world. The top class waiters are enviable, since the efficient and pleasant service is the key to success!
tel.+48 338542819
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