...one of the longest ski-lifts in the area!

Slope Nowa Osada is a new 4-seater ski lift

 e-mail: kontakt@nowaosada.pl

Wisla is a resort that attracts tourists all year round. However winter is one special time, which unites all the snow lovers. In Wisla itself there is over 30 ski- lifts of different levels of difficulty. Therefore there is a place to enjoy snow for both more and a little less experienced.

Kamratowo is so fortunate with its location, that one of the longest ski-lifts is situated right above the apartments. "Nowa Osada" ski- lift is:

- 960 meters downhill run on a semi-difficult slope and a 1300 meters long forrest ski-path, where a new 4-seater ski-lift is located, and
- 160 meters long slope with a splinter-bar ski-lift, for those who, for the first time, want to experience skiing.

Both of the ski-lifts are illuminated after dark, prepared and specially groomed for the best skiing comfort. Beside the lifts, there is a ski-rent and a free parking lot. There are also ski-instructors available on the spot, to help you out during your first time on the slope. The lifts are opened between 8 am and 9 pm.

For your convenience, beside every apartment there are specially designed racks for your skiing equipment, which you can lock with a key attached to the main apartment key.

For the guests comfort, there are also wooden benches in the halls of the apartments, as well as a set of sockets underneath them. You can use the sockets to plug in electric boots dryers that you can buy or rent out at the reception.


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