Some offers and dates are not available via online reservation system, therefore we reccommend contacting us via email or on the phone +48 601815653 - We will be happy to help.

  •     Prices are per room or per apartment (nor per person)
  •     During some periods it is possible to book a smaller part of an apartment (apartments nr 3-8)

We do not accept pets or animals but we offer help in finding a hotel for domestic animals located near to Kamratowo.

Low - season prices

(28 february - 24 june 2023r.) and ( 1 september - 22 december 2023r.)

does not apply to long weekends (May and June) and other selected dates (i.e. Easter)

Type of room


Offer for families*     

Apartment nr 2

365zł/ night

310zł/ night

Apartments nr 3-8

465zł/ night

395zł/ night

Apartment nr 10

415zł/ night

350zł/ night

Room nr 1 / Room nr 9

220zł/ night

190zł/ night


*the offer for families with small children apply to stays of minimum 2 nights

For stays of minimum 7 nights there is a 30% discount off basic prices

"Offer for families" - rules & regulations CLICK HERE



Winter 2023r.

(22 december 2023 - 29 february 2024r.)* 

Type of room


Offer for families*     

Apartment nr 2

495zł/ night

420zł/ night

Apartments nr 3-8

615zł/ night

520zł/ night

Apartment nr 10

530zł/ night

450zł/ night

Room nr 1 / Room nr 9

305zł/ night

260zł/ night


* stays of 6 nights and longer - any day of arrival

* The price is for the accommodation only


More information on the winter offer - KLKNIJ TUTAJ

How to book

Reservations can be made via our online reservation system, by phone or via email. To confirm your reservation we will ask you to send a deposit by bank draft within 48 hours. The amount of the deposit depends on the total price of your reservation and is usualy the minimum of its 30% value. Your reservation will be cancelled if we do not receive any bank draft within 48 hours. The deposit is non refundable.


75 1050 1201 1000 0097 1298 8931
Bank: ING Bank Śląski 
Name of recipient: Firma Usługowa Małgorzata Lamczak, ul.Makowa 48, 63-400 Ostrów Wielkopolski

IBAN: PL 75 1050 1201 1000 0097 1298 8931

Transfer title:

Please include the following information:

  •     Surname under which the reservation was made
  •     Dates of your reservation
  •     Number of your room or apartment

Company invoices

Company invoices or invoices that need to be issued under a specified name for your payment, need to be agreed and notified before you send us the deposit. That information also needs to be written in the transfer title.

Forms of payment

For your stay you can pay with cash, credit card or bank draft. The city tax is to be paid only with cash. Breakfasts and other food products are to be paid only with cash (if apply) at Kamratówka building.

City tax

Applies to stays of minimum 2 nights:

  • adults - 2 zł / night
  • children and pensioners - 1 zł / night

Selected rules and regulations:

  • Pets and animals are not allowed
  • Smoking is forbidden
  • Hotel night is from 3 pm until 11 am
  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm until 7 am

Full version od Kamratowo rules and regulations - click here