For a start - unique present!

Kamratowo is connected with a good taste, that is why it is also nicknamed as "the resort for gourmands".

First of all, because everything is tastefully decorated. Every detail is in the right place and the interiors and layout is matched with the local "flavor", to create the real mountaineers' atmosphere.

Mostly however, the formal owner of the resort, Sekwens, is a Polish producer of seasoning mixtures for all sorts of meats.

That is why, coming to Kamratowo, we will welcome you with a set of two seasoning mixtures to choose from. You will also get a set of specially composed recipes, to prepare a simple and mouthwatering meal for your family and friends!

The mixtures are ideal to prepare a simple and tasteful meal in your kitchenette, as well as to use on the grill, which you have an access to, while staying in Kamratowo.


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