Damask sheets will assure good night sleep...

While deciding on the kind of sheets for future Kamratowo guests, we kept in mind to provide the best quality, soft texture and body friendly material. The colour other than white was out of question, because only this one really reflects cleanness and high standard.

We decided on damask - high quality material, which is very rarely used, even in the top class hotels.

"Damask" - a figured fabric of silk (...) fibers, with a pattern formed by weaving. Made with one warp and one weft in which, generally, warp-satin and weft sateen weaves interchange (source: Wikipedia).

Our guests became so fond of the damask linen, that very often we hear positive opinions on how well they have rested in Kamratowo.

On each bed, you will also find fresh snow white towels,
as well as soft blankets, neatly folded, to cover your bed during the day.


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